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Phil Gan

Phil Gan is an Account Manager with Phillip Futures. With over 12 years of experience in the financial markets and a degree in NUS Computer Science, Phil believes in providing both fundamental and technical perspectives in trading.
The strong support in fundamental and technical analysis that Phil provides helps clients develop a keen understanding of risk management, an essential skill every trader should possess.

Open to both new and experienced traders, book a coaching session with Phil to bring your trading journey to the next level.

Markets Covered

Market Updates

7 Jul: Trend Update on US Market S&P 500

Now that the stock market has continued its uptrend for the first half of the year, the key question is, will the uptrend continue in the second half?

Phil covers updates on the US Market and discusses the S&P500 in the video below – watch now!

29 Dec: Trend Update for US Index S&P500

2020 has been a year of negative news, thanks to COVID-19 and US – China trade war. Despite poor fundamentals, the market has done pretty well.

Watch the video below for an update from Phil on the US markets and the S&P 500!