Temporary Change in Trading Hours for the Following ICE Contracts

18 Oct 2021

The trading hours for the following ICE Europe, SG and US contracts will be temporarily changed from Monday, 1 November 2021 to Friday, 5 November 2021. Following which, the trading hours will revert to the regular hours.

Name of ContractTemporary Trading hours
White Sugar08:45 -17:00 GMT (16:45-01:00 SGT)
Brent Futures00:00-22:00 GMT (08:00-06:00 SGT)
WTI00:00-22:00 GMT (08:00-06:00 SGT)
LS Gasoil00:00-22:00 GMT (08:00-06:00 SGT)
Heating Oil00:00-22:00 GMT (08:00-06:00 SGT)
RBOB Gasoline00:00-22:00 GMT (08:00-06:00 SGT)
Mini Brent Crude Futures 08:00-06:00 SGT
Mini WTI Futures 08:00-06:00 SGT
Mini Low Sulphur Gasoil Futures 08:00-06:00 SGT
Sugar No. 1104:30-13:00 NYT (16:30-01:00 SGT)
Coffee “C”05:15-13:30 NYT (17:15-01:30 SGT)
Cocoa5:45-13:30 NYT (17:45-01:30 SGT)

Should you have any query, please contact our Client Service Desk at (65) 6538 0500 or email to futures@phillip.com.sg.

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