Trade CFD on popular global indices such as SPX500, US30, NAS100, CN50, and HKG500 on Phillip MT5 at zero commission and no platform fee.

What are CFDs

CFD is an agreement between two parties to settle the difference between the opening and closing prices of the contract. CFDs allow customers to participate in the price movement of an underlying product, such as indices, commodities and shares, without actually owning the asset.


  • Trade in both the bull and the bear markets
    The ability to enter a long and/or short position allow traders to take advantage of both rising and falling markets.
  • Smaller barrier to entry
    CFDs typically have flexible and smaller contract sizes. This means that traders will be able to enter into a CFD contract with a modest amount of capital.
  • No expiration date or risk of delivery
    Unlike futures which commonly have a fixed expiration date, CFDs allow traders to perpetually hold the position(s). CFDs are cash settled, no need to worry about the delivery of the underlying asset.


Phillip MT5 Desktop

Powerful Phillip MetaTrader 5 platform with access to advanced pattern recognition tools like Autochartist and Trading Central

Phillip MT5 Desktop

Free live prices, data and real-time charting with sophisticated charting tools

Phillip MT5 Desktop

24/5 service support

0 Commission

Zero commission and competitive spreads

Type of CFDs Available

Global Indices CFD


CFD Spot SG MSCI Singapore (SG100)

CFD Spot Brent Crude Oil (UKOIL)

CFD Spot AU S&P ASX (AUS200)

CFD Spot CN FTSE China A50 (CN50)


CFD Spot EU Stoxx (EUSTX50)

CFD Spot HK Hang Seng (HKG50)

CFD Spot UK FTSE (UK100)


CFD Spot US S&P (SPX500)

CFD Spot US Nasdaq (NAS100)

CFD Spot FR CAC 40 Index (CAC40)

CFD Spot NL AEX 25 Index (AEX25)

CFD Spot ES IBEX 35 Index (IBEX35)

CFD Spot CH SMI 20 Index (SMI20)

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