Trade on the price of a cryptocurrency and take advantage of rising and falling markets.


Choose from CFDs on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple, and Bitcoin, Ethereum futures.

Why Trade Cryptocurrency with Phillip Futures?

Trade on the price of a cryptocurrency without owning the digital asset

Leverage your position, put up only a fraction of the full value upfront.

Trading in both rising and falling markets

Types of Cryptocurrencies CFDs


Note: Similar to the underlying Cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrencies CFD are also highly volatile and come with high-risk. Hence, the prices of Cryptocurrencies CFD are subject to sudden fluctuations due to market sentiments or unexpected market events. As CFDs are leveraged, market volatility and leverage may result in increased profits or significant losses depending on how the market moves. Cryptocurrencies are not legal tender are currently not subjected to any regulatory requirements or supervisory oversight by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Hence, the safeguards afforded under MAS’ regulatory framework will not apply to consumers dealing with unregulated products, such as CFDs on Cryptocurrencies.

Customers are advised to trade Cryptocurrencies CFD only after gaining the relevant knowledge and fully understanding the risks associated with the product. To ensure that you fully understand the risks and the costs involved, please refer to the Risk Fact Sheet and Risk Disclosure Statement.

Cryptocurrency Futures

Product Contract Size
CME Bitcoin Futures
CME Micro Bitcoin Futures
0.1 BTC
CME Ether Futures
50 ETH
ICE SG Bakkt Futures