Bitcoin rises in tandem with equity rally, Neopets announces NFTs

23 Sep 2021

SGT 0815
📈 BTC | $43,498 (+2,346, +5.7%)
📈 ETH | $3,066 (+269, +9.6%)
📈 XRP | $1.00 (+0.12, +13.2%)
📈 LTC | $160 (+11, +7.3%)

📈 Total Crypto Market Cap: $1.95T (+9.2%)

🐱 Neopets has finally announced the launch of a 20,500-piece collection of “equally unique, algorithmically generated lovable Neopets”, with “variable backgrounds, assets, clothing, and personality”. The release is slated for mid-October, and no prices have been decided upon yet.

💵 Dapper Labs – the company behind the wildly successful “NBA Top Shot” NFT marketplace, has now reached a $7.6 billion valuation in its latest funding round. The company has also announced a new partnership with the Spanish La Liga, opening a new front in the NFT trading card business – Football.

🤔 A Solana-based oracle project – Pyth, fetched prices that saw Solana-based programmes quote Bitcoin at a mere $5,402 per BTC earlier this week – a major boo-boo that fans of Ethereum-based oracle solutions such as Chainlink were quick to pounce upon. This comes soon after Solana’s recent 17-hour outage, although many insist that issues with the network were more to do with recent surges in network volume, rather than any serious problem with Solana.

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