Trading Hub

Our philosophy

Phillip Futures Trading Hub was established in 2006 to service seasoned and aspiring traders, as the SIMEX/SGX trading floor transitioned into a fully electronic trading facility. We envisioned  a one-stop service center where proprietary traders were able to receive trade support services and peripheral benefits, which included a free-flowing exchange of trading ideas from market participants.
Phillip Futures Trading Hub seeks to foster talents within the derivatives trading community and contribute holistically to the local landscape. We strive to provide our clients with an ideal venue that delivers integrated service support to their professional needs and trading requirements.
With our expertise as a renowned and trusted broker of more than 35 years in the industry, we are committed to advancing the derivatives trading community for the benefit of our clients and the value chain at large.

Our value proposition

  • Competitive Rental Fees
    Phillip Futures Trading Hub allows for cost efficiencies through economical rental rates of our trading desks. We provide trading desk rental services for individual traders and private rooms for proprietary trading firms.
  • Robust Trade Support Services
    We seek to augment our clients’ trading competencies through uninhibited access to our network capabilities on proprietary trading. Phillip Futures has team of dedicated professionals that provides 24-hours broking and execution services to support our client’s trading activities.
  • Advanced IT Infrastructure Capabilities
    Phillip Futures Trading Hub offers advanced IT infrastructure and state-of-the art facilities to support our client’s trading requirements. Our IT support team works round-the-clock to troubleshoot any technical issue that may inconvenience our client’s trading activities.
  • Business Benefits from Co-location Services
    Phillip Futures enhances our clients trading capabilities through data co-location services that provides superior network connectivity and lower latency. Clients are able to leverage upon our co-location facility, that includes Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) group and Singapore Exchange (SGX).
  • Superior Electronic Trading Platform Access
    We have a wide array of e-trading platforms that encompasses desktop and mobile services. We provide a varied range of trading solutions that include ‘click trading’ to complex algorithmic trading applications to support our clients’ unique requirements. Phillip Futures offers qualified professional clients customisable API solutions to increase efficiencies and conveniences.
  • Competitive Trading Fees
    We understand that proprietary traders operate on razor-thin margins and as such, commission sensitivities are instrumental for success in the trade. Phillip Futures Trading Hub allows our clients to tap onto our status as a gateway to 17 global exchanges and benefit from enhanced direct-hub access, along with competitive trading fees.

For more information

For more information, you may contact the Traders Desk at +65 6531 1543 or email