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Trade a diverse range of precious metals products, get access to Spot/Futures/Low-leveraged gold & silver products, even physical gold.

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Spot Gold & Silver

in USDLoco London Gold100 oz10 oz1 oz 
in SGDGold in SGDN/A10 ozN/AAlso available in:
in USDGram Gold in USD100 gN/AN/A Also available in:
in USDLoco London silver5000 Troy Oz500 Troy Oz50 Troy Oz Low leverage

Gold & Silver Futures

GoldCOMEX2020-0130; 0600-0500 (Globex)USD100 t. ozUS$10
E-mini GoldCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD50 t.ozUS$12.50
E-micro GoldCOMEX2020-0130; 0600-0600 (Globex)USD10 t.ozUS$1
Mini-Sized GoldICE US0800-0600USD32.15 fine t.ozUS$3.215
Shanghai GoldCOMEX2020-0130; 0600-0500 (Globex)USD32.15 t.ozUS$3.215
Shanghai GoldCOMEX2020-0130; 0600-0500 (Globex)CNH1000 grams50CNH
Gold Kilo FuturesCOMEX2020-0130; 0600-0500 (Globex)USD32.15 t.ozUS$3.215
SilverCOMEX2025-0125; 0600-0500 (Globex)USD5000 t.ozUS$25
1000 Oz. SilverCOMEX2025-0125; 0600-0500 (Globex)USD1000 t.ozUS$10
E-mini SilverCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD2500 t.ozUS$3.215
Mini-Sized SilverICE US0800-0600USD1000 t.ozUS$1

Gold & Silver Direct Investment

 Gold Direct Investment (GDI)Silver Direct Investment (SDI)
ProductSpot GoldSpot Silver
Trading Hours24 Hours
Lot/Contract Size1 Troy Oz50 Troy Oz
Initial InvestmentUSD1,249.88*
(99.99% of the notional value)
(99.99% of the notional value)
Admin Fee1% p.a on daily settlement price

Why Trade Gold & Silver with Phillip Futures?

►  Diverse range of products
Trade a whole range of gold and silver products that caters to your individual needs.

►  Trade precious metals on margin
Trade Spot gold and silver to gain full exposure with a small initial deposit.

►  Low spreads
Trade with spreads as low as $0.3 for Spot gold

New to Gold/Silver trading?

Gold and silver are deemed as precious metals.

Spot Gold and Silver:

Gold and Silver prices are quoted and traded against the US dollar.

Phillip Futures offers spot gold and silver bullion in the following contract sizes: Regular, Mini & Micro.

Gold and Silver Futures:

Contracts with the precious metals itself as underlying assets.
With commodities gaining popularity as an important alternative asset, you can now invest in Gold & Silver futures to enhance your portfolio diversification, hedge against inflation or your physical precious metal holdings, and potentially obtain returns while doing so.

Gold Direct Investment (GDI) & Silver Direct Investment (SDI):

Enables you to invest in the value of Gold and Silver with lower leverage
This is mainly suited for investors that have a longer tenure in their investments. The benefits of GDI/SDI, compared to conventional gold saving schemes offered in banks, would be the 0 commission trading, market that is open 24 hours/5 days a week and it has one of the lowest cost for gold investments in the market.

For more information

Click here to open a Phillip Futures account today. For more information on Gold/Silver trading, please give us a call at (65) 6538 0500 or send an email to our Client Service Desk at