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Gold & Silver products offered by Phillip Futures

Trade a diverse range of precious metals products, get access to Spot/Futures/Low-leveraged gold & silver products, even physical gold.

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New to Gold/Silver trading?

Gold and silver are deemed as precious metals. Read on to learn more about the different types of gold and silver products offered by Phillip Futures.

1) Spot Gold and Silver:

Gold and Silver prices are quoted and traded against the US dollar. Phillip Futures offers spot gold and silver bullion in the following contract sizes: Regular, Mini & Micro.

in USDLoco London Gold100 oz10 oz1 oz 
in SGDGold in SGDN/A10 ozN/AAlso available in:
in USDGram Gold in USD100 gN/AN/A Also available in:
in USDLoco London silver5000 Troy Oz500 Troy Oz50 Troy Oz Low leverage

2) Gold and Silver Futures:

Contracts with the precious metals itself as underlying assets. With commodities gaining popularity as an important alternative asset, you can now invest in Gold & Silver futures to enhance your portfolio diversification, hedge against inflation or your physical precious metal holdings, and potentially obtain returns while doing so.

Gold & Silver Futures

GoldCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD100 t. ozUS$10
E-mini GoldCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD50 t.ozUS$12.50
Micro GoldCOMEX0600-0600 (Globex)USD10 t.ozUS$1
Mini-Sized GoldICE US0800-0600USD32.15 fine t.ozUS$3.215
Shanghai GoldCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD32.15 t.ozUS$3.215
Shanghai GoldCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)CNH1000 grams50CNH
Gold Kilo FuturesCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD32.15 t.ozUS$3.215
SilverCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD5000 t.ozUS$25
1000 Oz. SilverCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD1000 t.ozUS$10
E-mini SilverCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD2500 t.ozUS$3.215
Mini-Sized SilverICE US0800-0600USD1000 t.ozUS$1

3) Gold Direct Investment (GDI) & Silver Direct Investment (SDI):

Enables you to invest in the value of Gold and Silver with lower leverage. This is mainly suited for investors that have a longer tenure for their investments. The benefits of GDI/SDI, compared to conventional gold saving schemes offered in banks, would be 0 commission trading, a market that is open 24 hours/5 days a week and having one of the lowest cost for gold investments in the market.

 Gold Direct Investment (GDI)Silver Direct Investment (SDI)
ProductSpot GoldSpot Silver
Trading Hours23 Hours
Lot/Contract Size1 Troy Oz50 Troy Oz
Initial InvestmentUSD1,899.89*
(99.99% of the notional value)
(99.99% of the notional value)
Admin Fee1% p.a on daily settlement price

*Price as of 29 October 2020.

4) 1 oz Physical Gold Coin

Start your very own physical gold investment by buying 1 oz Maple Leaf gold coins from Phillip Futures. Prices a dependent on prevailing Spot Gold rates. For enquiries, please call our Client Service Desk at (65) 6538 0500 or send an email to our Client Service Desk at

Why Trade Gold & Silver with Phillip Futures?

►  Diverse range of products
Trade a whole range of gold and silver products that caters to your individual needs.

►  Trade precious metals on margin
Trade Spot gold and silver to gain full exposure with a small initial deposit.

►  Low spreads
Trade with spreads as low as $0.3 for Spot gold

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For more information on Gold/Silver trading, please give us a call at (65) 6538 0500 or send an email to our Client Service Desk at