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What's Next for the UK?

Dear Valued Customers,

What's next for the UK?

The Pound's strength and Gold's price are dependent on Brexit's outcome. With the 31 October deadline approaching and assuming no extension is offered, UK is faced with three possible scenarios. How then, should you as an investor trade? Over the weekend, we ran a roundtable discussion with five of our experts - Head of Forex Kenneth Tan (KT), Senior Strategist Jerome Lee (JL), Dealer Lim Jinru (LJR), Dealing Manager Wilfred Chong (WC) and Strategist Lee Yijie (LYJ). Read on for their views.

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I took just minutes to open a futures account online with Phillip Futures! This was my hassle-free experience.

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Getting a headstart in futures trading

Before you can delve into futures trading, you’ll need to open an account with a futures broker. Now, this is why you need to read further, because I just opened an account with Phillip Futures and it was so much quicker and easier than I expected.

I can still remember the hassle from my first experience opening an equity trading account, going down to the branch office and filling up long forms. The staff would then photocopy my documents to attach to my application forms, and then I had to sign several pages of forms to link my account to my CDP.

With trading now being done mostly online, I would have thought that online account opening would be just as intuitive. Sadly, that simply is not the case. The online account opening experience for many futures brokers looked starkly like my experience above.

One particular futures brokerage had an online account opening page that directed me to download a PDF account opening form. I had to print out the form, manually fill it in, and then bring it to one of their branches with my other documentation at hand. It was not much of an online account opening option, to be honest.

Another one directed me to a long online account opening form that was presented on one page. Having to scroll through all 44 fields and filling them in was an exercise in frustration, and started to grate on my patience well before I was done.

So when I decided to open an account with Phillip Futures, I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of their online account opening process. It was done in just minutes! What’s more, I will receive a SGD100 voucher for successfully opening the account online! Here’s how it happened.

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Here’s why CME Group’s Micro E-mini Futures are going to be the future for futures trading

CME Group, the original creators of the E-mini S&P 500 index futures contract, made waves in May when it launched its Micro E-mini futures contracts. The new bite-sized contracts were made available for the S&P 500, Nasdaq-100, Russell 2000 and Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Micro E-mini futures are a tenth the size of CME Group’s existing and highly traded E-mini equity index futures. That means, where an E-mini S&P 500 futures contract has a multiplier of US$50, its Micro E-mini contract would have a multiplier of US$5, as shown in the table below.

Index Family Micro E-mini Multiplier E-mini Multiplier
S&P 500 $5 $50
Nasdaq-100 $2 $20
Dow Jones $0.50 $5
Russell 2000 $5 $50

Source: CME Group

Here’s why they are going to be the future in futures trading.

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Trading mini futures contracts – Here’s how it could help you in your futures trading.

If you’ve held back on trading futures, or have avoided asset classes outside of your experience, here’s something that could help to ease you in. Mini futures contracts, or smaller sized contracts, can help you familiarise yourself with a new asset class while providing the same ability to trade with your favourite strategies.

Here’s what you need to know about it.

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Micro e-mini Futures Contract

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Following the success of the E-mini contracts introduced in 1997, CME launched Micro E-mini contracts this May. The Micro E-mini contracts, which can be traded at only one-tenth the value of the classic e-mini contract, increase the accessibility to trading futures trading for even more traders. Offering Micro E-mini futures on the 4 major stock indices – S&P 500, Russell 2000, Nasdaq-100, and Dow Jones Industrial Average – 11.25million contracts were traded globally within the first month of launch, crowning it CME’s most successful product launch till date.

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Trading Paired Asian Currencies in the FX Market

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Foreign exchange trading can offer an excellent way to boost your investment returns. One of the most significant advantages of FX trading is that it’s possible to get significant returns on a relatively small investment.

How does that work?

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Autochartist Patterns And Indicators

Autochartist is an extremely handy tool for traders. It can help you to identify opportunities to make the right trades and give you the edge that you need to boost your trading profits.

The primary benefit that Autochartist provides is that the tool’s software is constantly scanning the markets. The moment the algorithm spots a development that could make money for you, it passes on the message instantly. If you familiarise yourself with Autochartist’s features and learn to use its interface well, you are likely to see an immediate improvement in your trading results.

Let’s examine the patterns and indicators that Autochartist provides and see how to use them.

Ready to use Autochartist and test out these indicators yourself? Sign up for a free MT5 demo accountnow.Here are brief guidelines on:

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Autochartist – An Added Reason To Download MT5 Now


The daily volume of forex trades across the world amounts to a reported US$5 trillion. If you put that number in context, you will realise how big the forex market is. The GDP of the United States, the world’s largest economy by far, is only about US$20 trillion annually.

Why is currency trading so popular? What can justify the tremendous size of the forex market?

One of the most important reasons for the large volumes is that the market participants have deep pockets. The biggest players are the commercial banks, the central banks of different countries, investment managers and hedge funds, and many of the world’s large corporations.

The massive trading volumes in the forex market provide a tremendous opportunity for individual traders. If you use the right strategy and follow a disciplined approach, you can make sizeable returns.

Planning to trade forex? Start with a reliable platform like the Phillip MT5. Get your free demo account now.

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Currency Outlook for 2019


The standout feature of the currency markets in 2018 was the strong performance of the U.S. dollar. America’s currency gained against that of practically every other nation.

Why did that happen? While there were many reasons for the appreciation of the U.S. dollar last year, the most important was that the country’s central bank adopted a hawkish stance. The U.S. Federal Reserve raised rates four times in 2018. In addition to this, America’ economy grew strongly. Employment was at record levels with the number of job openings exceeding that of job seekers.

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Here’s Why You Should Participate In The 2019 MT5 Trading Challenge

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If you’re new to trading, here’s a chance to make some money while you learn the ropes. This is a tremendous opportunity for seasoned traders as well.

Phillip Futures, one of the oldest and most respected brokers in Singapore, is holding its annual MT5 Trading challenge. The Phillip Futures MT5 Trading Challenge 2019 starts on 1st April 2019. Its main features are:

⇨ It’s open to everyone except existing clients of Phillip Futures. However, if you opened your account on 4th February 2019, or later, you’re eligible.

⇨ There is no financial commitment required, and opening a trading challenge-linked demo account is free. There are no costs involved at all.

⇨ The prize money is unlimited. What this means is that although the amount that each participant can win is capped at U.S.$1,500, there is no limit to the number of winners.

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