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Risk Warning Statement

Risk Warning Statement

Learn more about the new regulation pertaining to overseas listed investment products

MAS notes that overseas-listed investment products may carry a different set of risks and different levels of protection for investors from those offered locally. MAS requires retail customers to be aware of the possible risks prior to the customer’s first purchase of an overseas-listed investment product from February 2013 and to obtain the customer’s acknowledgement on the risk warning disclosure.

MAS Press Release:

It is a risk warning disclosure which highlights the key risks that customers should be aware of before trading in overseas-listed investment products. These include differences in legal systems, regulatory regime, political, social and economic developments as well as differences in costs, counterparty and correspondent broker risks between the foreign jurisdictions and Singapore.

Please refer to the Risk Warning Statement for details.

The requirement for acknowledgement of the RWS applies to all Retail Investors. You are not required to acknowledge the RWS if you are: 

  • An Accredited Investor 
  • An Expert Investor 
  • An Institutional Investor 

You would have to acknowledge if you would like to trade on overseas-listed product (e.g. S&P from CME).

Without the acknowledgement, your access to overseas-listed products will be restricted with effect from 28 February 2013.

You can complete the acknowledgement of the Risk Warning Statement by: 

It will take 1-2 business days to enable your trading in Overseas-listed Investment Products. Please note that the access will be granted according to previous access granted. 

To request for access to other exchanges, please complete the Trading Platform Application Form (ALL Platforms). You can send the completed form via email at or fax to 65-6536 7367.

Yes, both account holders are required to acknowledge the RWS before the access to Overseas-listed Investment Products will be granted for the joint account.