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We regularly update our schedule of webinars with the latest market reviews and platform demonstrations to help you learn at your convenience.

Q2 2018 Market Outlook

26 April 2018 (70 mins)

In this webinar, Mr Samuel Siew, investment analyst at Phillip Futures, shares about the potential market risks that may impact the US, Japan, China and Singapore markets in the 2nd quarter of 2018.

Master The Technical Analysis Basics in 45 Minutes!

29 March 2018 (45 mins)

In this webinar, we'll give you an introduction to technical analysis and help you understand Japanese candlesticks, candlestick patterns, support and resistance, technical indicators and how to avoid the common mistakes.

Gold Outlook 2018 Boon or Bane

28 March 2018 (56 mins)

In this live webinar, Mr David Ng, Derivatives Specialist at Phillip Futures Sdn Bhd will be covering the recent Fed policy stance and how it impacts gold prices.

Stock Index & FX Market Outlook 2018

28 February 2018 (45 mins)

In this live webinar, Mr Lam Kim Ming, analyst at Trading Central shares the market outlook for major Stock Index Futures and currency pairs.

Why smart money trades futures — The great opportunities in oil and gold

23 January 2018 (60 mins)

David Lerman, Senior Director of Education at CME Group, shares his macroeconomic outlook for oil and gold in 2018, and the important economic indicators to keep an eye on.

FOMC Meeting – How It Impacts Your Trading

25 October 2017 (60 mins)

Gary Christie, Senior Technical Analyst from Trading Central, discusses the upcoming FOMC meeting and potential trading opportunities in gold and FX Futures.

Q4 2017 Market Forecast on FX and Gold.

11 October 2017 (42 mins)

Christophe Chevalier, Senior Technical Analyst on the FX and Money Markets for Trading Central, discusses the Q4 2017 Outlook for FX & Gold.

Crude Oil – Is WTI likely to break $50 per barrel by end of the year?

21 September 2017 (4 mins)

Our dealer, Camelia Ong, discusses the factors for oil prices to rise further - demand over lower supplies, possible OPEC deal extension and US shale production.

Jackson Hole Summit 2017 | US-North Korea Tensions | MetaTrader 5

7 September 2017 (4 mins)

This September 2017, our dealer, Khoo Shao Xi, covers the weekly market updates on: the Jackson Hole Summit 2017, Dollar Index, EUR/USD Pair, Geopolitical Tensions between North Korea and US, NonFarm Payroll, and the new Phillip MetaTrader 5, the first and only MT5 platform in Singapore.

Singapore Market 2017 – Likely Bullish Finish?

7 September 2017 (6 mins)

Our dealer, Yin Thu Tun, discusses on events that has happened in the 1st half of 2017, and the potential factors to look out for in the 2nd half of 2017. Also, don't miss the technical analysis for Singapore's market.

Major Currencies and Gold Prices Outlook Q3/4 2017

24 July 2017 (4 mins)

Our Forex Dealer, Jerome Lee, recaps on the major events that has occurred in 2017 thus far, and discusses the outlook on major currencies and gold for the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2017.

Strategies to Trading Gold Successfully

25 May 2017 (62 mins)

In this special webinar, our dealer, Khoo Shao Xi, shares 3 diferent technical trading strategies, along with a fundamental trading strategy, you can employ when trading gold. If you keen to learn how you can start trading gold and enhance your trading strategies, this is a video not to be missed.

Q2 2017 Gold Review

25 May 2017 (6 mins)

In this special webinar, our analyst, Jonathan Chan, discusses the outlook on gold for the 2nd quarter of 2017. In this video, Jonathan will analyse how different political events affected gold prices and use the fundamentals to come up with a price forecast.

MAS Policy Review, GDP & Singapore Equity Indices

25 May 2017 (4 mins)

In this special webinar, our Investment Analyst, Woon Tian Yong, gives his insights on the recent economic development in Singapore and what are the possible investments that investors could consider.

Themes, Drivers and Opportunities in Singapore and Malaysia Equity Indices

12 April 2017 (63 mins)

In this special webinar, our Derivative Specialist, David Ng, and Analyst, Woon Tian Yong, will explore the relative value and opportunities in the Singapore and Malaysia equity index space. 


6 Mar 2017 (37 mins)


Welcome to 2017 - Themes, Drivers and Outlook for Currencies & Equity Indices

15 Feb 2017 (63 mins)

Our analyst, Woon Tian Yong, gets you all set for 2017 by sharing the themes, drives and outlook for currencies and equity indices.

Commodity Outlook 2017 - Gold & Palm Oil

3 Feb 2017 (4 mins)

Our dealer, Camelia Ong, discusses the current crude oil surplus, Trump’s pro-oil policies and how are prices likely to move in the near term.

Commodity Outlook 2017 - Gold & Palm Oil

11 Jan 2017 (61 mins)

In a special Commodity Outlook webinar, our analysts, David Ng and Jonathan Chan share their views on the outlook for Gold and Crude Palm Oil (CPO) for 2017.

Get Ready For 2017 - Market Outlook

10 Jan 2017 (6 mins)

Our Investment Analyst, Woon Tian Yong, shares his views on the Market Outlook for 2017 in this Market Watch video.

Trump’s Presidential Victory & US Equity Index Futures

11 Nov 2016 (4 mins)

Our analyst, Woon Tian Yong, discusses the US Election, President-Elect Donald Trump’s victory acceptance speech and the new policies that investors should keen eye on in this timely Market Watch.

Outlook With Trump As President

10 Nov 2016 (2 mins)

Hear what our analysts Jonathan Chan, Woon Tian Yong and Zhou Shiwei have to say about the outlook for Gold, Energy, Stock Index Futures and Currencies (FX) with Trump as President of The United States.

Trading the US Presidential Elections with Gold

26 Oct 2016 (60 mins)

Phillip Futures Strategist, Bryan Lum, shares his insights on the background on the Presidential candidates, the states that are likely to be swing votes, the relevance of adding gold into your investment portfolio during the Elections, chart analysis and how you can get started trading gold.

Outlook and Performance of the Sterling

25 Oct 2016 (5 mins)

Our analyst, Lee Zhen Sheng, discusses the outlook and performance of the Sterling. In this video, Zhen Sheng shares about the headwinds to the Sterling and what should investors look out for if they are interested in trading the currency.

Crude Oil Price Outlook for the 4th Quarter of 2016

5 Sep 2016 (5 mins)

Our analyst, Jonathan Chan, discusses the outlook on crude oil for quarter 4 2016. In this video, Jonathan will analyse different measures for crude oil prices and use the fundamentals to come up with a price forecast.

Gold Outlook For Quarter 3 2016

5 Sep 2016 (5 mins)

Our Dealer, Khoo Shao Xi, shares his views on the outlook on gold for quarter 3 2016. Before sharing his outlook for quarter 3, Shao Xi also goes on to explain the 3 main factors contributing to the bearish gold prices. 

Is Gold already on an upward trend?

25 Aug 2016 (4 mins)

Our FX Dealer, Jerome Lee, shares the outlook and the reasons to trade gold in this latest webinar. 

Outlook & Reasons To Trade Gold

23 Aug 2016 (10 mins)

Our FX Dealer, Jason Lee Zhen Sheng, shares the outlook and the reasons to trade gold in this latest webinar. 

Phillip FX365 User Guide Video 5 - How To Track And Manage Your Position

23 Mar 2016 (3 mins)

This user guide video teaches Phillip FX365 users how to use their position and order management window to close their positions, as well as protecting their positions by placing if done orders. 

Phillip FX365 User Guide Video 4 - Entering A Trade With Different Order Types

22 Mar 2016 (4 mins)

Learn the 3 different ways that you can place a trade on the Phillip FX365 platform, the various basic order types, and how to place a one-cancel-other (OCO) order. 

Phillip FX365 User Guide Video 3 - Using Charts To Improve Your Trading

22 Mar 2016 (3 mins)

This video will show you how you can bring up charts on your Phillip FX365 platform and how to customise your charts with the various indicators like candlesticks or line studies. 

Phillip FX365 User Guide Video 2 - Choosing Currencies To Trade

22 Mar 2016 (3 mins)

In this video we will explore the various currencies available in Phillip FX365, the 3 main time zones in which currencies are traded and how you can add or remove a currency pair on the platform. Apart from currencies, you can also trade precious metals like spot gold and silver on the Phillip FX365 platform. 

Phillip FX365 User Guide Video 1 - Trading Platform Features

22 Mar 2016 (4 mins)

This video gives you an overview of the Phillip FX365 forex trading platform. The video helps new users become familiar with the instrument panel, charts, news window and the position/order management window.  

Catching the Reversal - How low can Brent Crude go?

22 Dec 2014 (4 mins)

With the spotlight on falling oil prices, is a reversal in oil prices looming? Find out more with our Investment Analyst, Daniel Ang in this weeks episode of Phillip Market Watch. 

Introduction to Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs)

27 Feb 2014 (18 mins)

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore what are Non-Deliverable Forwards, and how they can be an invaluable asset in your trading tools. 

Introduction to Gold Futures

05 Nov 2013 (16 mins)

New to Gold Futures? Find out why Gold is a popular investment tool and inflation hedge, and how you can gain exposure to Gold through various asset classes.