Trade Gold For Gold 2019

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From 1 January 2019 to 28 February 2019, open a new account and trade 1 lot of spot gold to receive the limited edition Golden Boar Medallion from The Singapore Mint. 

Products Eligible for the Promotion

To be eligible for the Golden Boar Medallion, you would have to trade 1 lot of spot gold of the following contract size:

  • 100oz Spot Gold (XAU/USD)
  • 1oz of Gold Direct Investment (GDI)

Should you have any query, you may contact our Marketing Desk at (65) 6538 0500 or email

An example of what you stand to receive

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I be entitled to redeem the 55mm Golden (gold-plated) Boar Medallion?
    Step 1: Successfully open and fund a live futures account with Phillip Futures
    Step 2: On your account opening form (Online/Physical), under the segment “Introduction to Phillip Futures”, check “Others” and indicate the phrase “CNY”
    Step 3: Trade 100oz of Spot Gold or 1oz of Gold Direct Investment (GDI) within the promotion period

  2. I qualify for the promotion as a non-existing Phillip Futures client. How can I open a live futures account?
    Click here to open an account online. Alternatively, you may visit our Main Office or any of our Investor Centres to open an account. 

  3. How will I know if I am entitled to redeem the 55mm Golden Boar Medallion?
    Participants of the promotion which are entitled for the redemption will be notified by our sales representative via means of electronic mail and a phone call within 2 weeks after the end of the promotion. Please note that participants that are not eligible will not be notified.

  4. If I am entitled to receive the 55mm Golden Boar Medallion, what are the methods of collection?
    Collection may be done in person at the Phillip Futures Main Office. Alternatively, you may appoint a 3rd party for collection at Phillip Futures Main Office provided that a letter of authorisation, including details such as (i) Full name, (ii) Partial NRIC, and (iii) Contact Details is provided. 
  5. What platforms must I trade with to be eligible?
    Phillip MT5, Phillip FX365 and POEMS 2.0 are applicable.

Terms & Conditions

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This promotion is for general information only and does not constitute a recommendation, offer or solicitation to buy or sell any investment product. It does not have regard to your specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs. Investments are subject to investment risks. The risk of loss in Futures or Leveraged Foreign Exchange trading can be substantial and you could lose in excess of your initial funds. You may wish to seek advice from a financial adviser, pursuant to a separate engagement, and to read the governing Terms and Conditions and the Risk Disclosure Statement carefully (available at the footer) before making a decision whether or not to invest in such products.