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Trading Hours For Eurex Indices And Fixed Income Futures To Be Extended on 10 Dec

With effect from Monday, 10 December 2018, the trading hours for the following Eurex equity and fixed income futures will be extended:

  • DAX® Futures (FDAX)
  • Mini-DAX® Futures (FDXM)
  • EURO STOXX 50® Index Futures (FESX)
  • Interest Rate Futures (FGBL, FGBM, FGBS, FGBX)

The extension would encourage greater participation from traders in Asian hours as trading will open at 8am (SGT).

1)      Trading will start with a Pre-Trading phase of ten minutes, followed by an Opening Auction, before Continuous Trading will start 08:15 Singapore time.

2)      There will be no additional intraday auction during the European morning hours

3)      End of trading will remain unchanged for all products

For more details, please click here to view the announcement on the exchange website. Should you have any query, you may contact our Marketing Desk at +65 6538 0500 or email