Margin Increase Notification

Margin Increase Notification

Margin Increase for Japan Exchange Group Products for Non-FCM/FI Clients
In view of the upcoming public holidays in Japan (29 April and 6 to 8 May), the margins for futures and options products listed on the Japan Exchange Group (TSE, OSE and TOCOM) will be increased by 20% at close of business on 27 April 2020.  

The increased margins will be applicable till further notice, and will vary according to the product and contract month.  

Cautionary Note on Crude Oil Related Products
Growing volatility and fast-changing product fundamentals are a concern. The margins for ICE EU, ICE US and NYMEX were increased last week.

The following products will not be available for trading in the front month (June 2020 contracts):

– Crude Oil
– Mini Crude Oil
– Brent Crude Financial

– Brent Crude

– Mini Brent

Customers with existing positions can continue to liquidate their positions. 

In view of heightened volatility and fast changing product fundamentals, customers trading crude oil contracts in all other months should trade with caution.

Practice Good Risk Management

Customers are advised to practice good risk management by taking proactive steps to cope with volatile market conditions and uncertainties by having additional funds on top of Maintenance Margin requirements. This helps to safeguard against sudden adverse market movements and reduce the possibility of your account balance falling into low equity

Please note that fundamentals and benchmarks of financial products may change at short notice under volatile circumstances. 

The Weekend Risk Management and Exchange Holiday Policy continues to apply. Please ensure you meet at least 80% of Initial Margin requirements for all open positions held in your account every Friday and on the eve of Exchange holidays if you wish to hold positions.

Quicker Fund Deposit Methods
For quicker fund deposits, customers are advised to use the following methods:

  1. Bill Payment Service (via DBS/POSB internet banking)
  2. PayNow Corporate (in SGD only)
  3. Fast and Secure Transfer (FAST)

For the list of fund deposit methods, you may click here.

Should you have any query, you may contact the Marketing Desk at (65) 6538 0500 or email