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Allaying COVID-19 fears via futures trading

20 February 2020

Allaying COVID-19 fears via futures trading

The Coronavirus 2019 has currently infected more than 75 204 individuals worldwide, with approximately 99% of the cases contained within China. The fast-spreading respiratory disease has caused widespread panic, visible through the global mask shortage and supermarket runs by spooked citizens.

There is currently no end in sight, as scientists scramble to find a cure for the infectious virus. With a long incubation period and possible asymptomatic infection, the number of people who are infected with the virus could be larger than what is currently reported.

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6 Tips On Choosing the Right CFD Platform

11 February 2020

1. Choose a platform that offers multiple asset classes.
The Phillip MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform offers spot forex, spot gold, spot silver in addition to CFD indices, allowing you to create a comprehensive trading strategy across various asset classes, mitigate risk and capitalise on market movements.

2. Choose a platform that is flexible and functional.

Equipped with an auto trading function and advanced charting and trading tools, the Phillip MT5 gives you more time to hone your trading strategies. The Autochartist pattern recognition tool helps you scan for opportunities round the clock and alerts you to place a trade. You can automate your trading strategies with Expert Advisors and use Technical Analysis to help you trade better.

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Phillip Nova – The smart trading platform for a smart nation

3 February 2020

Singapore has, in recent years, continued its push toward becoming a smart nation, by adopting and embracing new technology and artificial intelligence that transforms the way we live and work for the better. These changes can be seen from our public services, including MyInfo and PayNow, and will continue to impact other areas of our lives. Phillip Futures has kept up with these changes by adapting their trading services and platforms to many of these initiatives, in order to provide added convenience to their customers and cater to their needs. Their latest offering, Phillip Nova, is yet another innovation in this direction. 

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What’s Next For The UK? Here are 3 Possible Scenarios | A Roundtable Discussion

22 October 2019

The Pound’s strength and Gold’s price are dependent on Brexit’s outcome. With the 31 October deadline approaching and assuming no extension is offered, UK is faced with three possible scenarios. How should investors trade?

Over the weekend, we ran a roundtable discussion with five of our experts – Head of Forex Kenneth Tan (KT), Senior Strategist Jerome Lee (JL), Dealer Lim Jinru (LJR), Dealing Manager Wilfred Chong (WC) and Strategist Lee Yijie (LYJ). 

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Teyu Che Chern awarded “CEO of the Year” on Phillip Futures’ customer-centric focus

2 October 2019

In recent years, Phillip Futures has made huge strides in building a customer-focused business. From being the first in Singapore to support the powerful multi-product platform Metatrader 5 (MT5), to partnering MyInfo for a seamless account opening experience, Phillip Futures has kept its focus on providing platforms and support that customers want and need. Phillip Futures’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Teyu Che Chern, was the man who steered the company in its current direction over the last 13 years, with a clear vision of what the business had to become, amid changing global headwinds. 

As a mark of recognition from industry practitioners, Teyu was awarded “CEO of the Year” on Sept 25, at the FOW and Global Investor Asia Capital Markets Awards 2019.

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I took just minutes to open a futures account online with Phillip Futures!

21 August 2019

Before you can delve into futures trading, you’ll need to open an account with a futures broker. Now, this is why you need to read further, because I just opened an account with Phillip Futures and it was so much quicker and easier than I expected.

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How Easy It Is To Open An Online Account With Phillip Futures

20 February 2019

A brokerage account is an essential requirement if you want to invest in the financial markets. If you are planning to open a new account, consider getting one at Phillip Futures.

Why should you select Phillip Futures over all the other available options? A glance at the points listed below is likely to convince you that this is your best choice:

⇨ Phillip Futures was established in 1983 and is a founding member of Singapore Exchange Derivatives Trading (SGX-DT).

⇨ It is one of the region’s top brokerages for the trading of global Futures and Commodities.

⇨ You have the option of trading in micro, mini and regular contract sizes.

⇨ You can gain access to free educational seminars and events designed to help you learn about financial markets and trading opportunities.

⇨ By opening a single account, you can trade more than 300 products in over 24 global exchanges.

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Autochartist Patterns And Indicators

20 February 2019

Autochartist is an extremely handy tool for traders. It can help you to identify opportunities to make the right trades and give you the edge that you need to boost your trading profits.

The primary benefit that Autochartist provides is that the tool’s software is constantly scanning the markets. The moment the algorithm spots a development that could make money for you, it passes on the message instantly. If you familiarise yourself with Autochartist’s features and learn to use its interface well, you are likely to see an immediate improvement in your trading results.

Let’s examine the patterns and indicators that Autochartist provides and see how to use them.


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