Phillip Nova – The smart trading platform for a smart nation

Phillip Nova – The smart trading platform for a smart nation

Singapore has, in recent years, continued its push toward becoming a smart nation, by adopting and embracing new technology and artificial intelligence that transforms the way we live and work for the better. These changes can be seen from our public services, including MyInfo and PayNow, and will continue to impact other areas of our lives. Phillip Futures has kept up with these changes by adapting their trading services and platforms to many of these initiatives, in order to provide added convenience to their customers and cater to their needs. Their latest offering, Phillip Nova, is yet another innovation in this direction. 

Phillip Nova – created for the smart investor

Phillip Nova is a powerful, multi-asset trading platform that can work seamlessly across all devices, from a smartphone or tablet, to a desktop computer. It allows investors to trade futures, options, forex, CFDs, and stocks within one platform, while integrating all of their essential administrative functions with a single login. How does it do that? As one of the leading forex, futures, and commodities trading brokerages in the region, Phillip Futures was acutely aware that investors were moving away from app-based trading platforms, preferring to avoid the hassle of installing yet another app on their devices. To that end, Phillip Nova was built on HTML5, making it a mobile responsive web-based platform that works on most popular internet browsers, like Google Chrome and Safari. More importantly, investors can switch between devices without any compromise to their execution speed, or their favourite functions and features. “We envisioned Phillip Nova to be the trading platform for the future, and we built it with our customers’ trading needs and feedback in mind,” said Hendrick Ng, spokesperson for Phillip Nova. “We understood that our customers were reluctant to have too many mobile apps on their smartphones, so with this web-based platform, our clients need only to save the URL and login to their trading platform from just about anywhere.” What does Phillip Nova offer? Phillip Nova provides a fully customisable and comprehensive trading solution for investors. For one thing, the platform offers live charts on many contracts.

At the same time, order alerts help to notify investors when their trade is done, and live market news keep investors up to date on the latest developments affecting their investment. With its comprehensive watchlist, Phillip Nova allows investors to view and manage their positions conveniently. If you have a large number of products to monitor, you can also create additional watchlists, name them, and add or remove products when you desire. Phillip Nova also offers more than 90 technical indicators – ranging from Bands to Oscillators, Moving Averages and Regression – to assist investors in making fast and accurate trading decisions. Bollinger bands, Ichimoku Cloud and MACD are just some of the popular indicators available. Investors can even choose to view price charts in their preferred style – from bars, to candles and lines – and customise the type of drawings they wish to perform – fibbonacci, geometric or trend channel drawings. Other useful features include the calendar spread tools, for futures traders to simultaneously enter a long and short position on the same underlying asset but with different delivery months. Furthermore, Phillip Nova offers a wide variety of order types – including limits, stop, stop limit order for day or/and GTC (good ’til cancelled) order – to help investors plan and execute their trades accurately. Interested investors can request for a Phillip Nova demo account here.

A trading platform with a simple elegant design

Perhaps the biggest differentiator of the Phillip Nova is in its user-friendliness. “The Phillip Nova’s user interface is intuitive and simple. Most of our clients are able to navigate around the platform without any guidance,” says Ng. “The Phillip Nova trading platform brings Phillip Futures closer to providing the ideal one stop investing and trading solution for all investors.”