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Incentive Programs from Global Exchanges

As a professional trader, you can take advantage of fee incentives and educational support from various global exchanges to assist you in your trading career. 

These incentive programmes from various exchanges are offered to all professional traders to assist you in reduce your trading cost and boost your trading volumes. 

  1. SGX – Trading Member Proprietary (TMP)
  2. CME – International Incentive Program (IIP)
  3. CME – New Trader Incentive Program (NTIP)
  4. CME – Electronic Corporate Membership (ECMP)
  5. EUREX – EUREX Trader Development Program
  6. ASX - Corporate New Trader Incentive Program


Talk to us today. Learn more about how these incentive programmes can add value to your trading.

For more information, you may contact the Traders Desk at +65 6533 9019 or email