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Forms & Downloads - Professional

Sending in your Application Forms

To help us in your application, please ensure the necessary fields are filled and the application form is signed. Completed forms can be sent via

  • Fax to Marketing Department: (65) 6536 7367
  • Scanned Attachment & Email:
  • Mail to Phillip Futures Pte. Ltd (250 North Bridge Road, #07- 01 Raffles City Tower, Singapore 179101)

Forms & Important Documents

Application Forms
Apply for Electronic Trading Platforms
Request for New Password (ALL Platforms)
Withdrawal of Funds from Account
Update of Personal Particulars (Individual)
Update of Personal Particulars (Corporate)
Risk Warning Statement Acknowledgment
Market Data Subscription Agreement Form
Non-Professional Self-Certification Form
Phillip MetaTrader 5 T&Cs with Acknowledgement
Phillip Nova T&Cs with Acknowledgement
Trading & Account Information
Customer Trading Agreement (CTA)
Product Information Sheet (PIS)
Deposit/Transfer of Funds Instructions
Electronic Trading Platforms T&Cs
Phillip MetaTrader 5 T&Cs
Phillip Nova T&Cs

Downloads & Installations

POEMS Professional
POEMS Professional PTA
New POEMS Professional PTA
(wef 20 Jan 2020)




Phillip FlexTrader
Phillip FlexTrader (32-bit)
Phillip FlexTrader (64-bit)
CQG Trader

Trading Technologies (TT)
xTrader 7.17.80
.NET Framework 4
Windows 7 Optimisation Reference Guide
Hardware & Software Requirements
Java Version 7 Update 71(32-bit)
Java Version 7 Update 71(64-bit)
TeamViewer QS

FX Trader for Institutions/Corporates
FX Trader Login URL

FAQs/User Guides

POEMS Professional PTA
Installation FAQs
Phillip FX365
General FAQs
Desktop User Guide
Mobile User Guide
Certificate Renewal Guide
Phillip MetaTrader 5
General FAQs
Desktop User Guide
Mobile User Guide
Mobile User Guide
Desktop User Guide


Phillip Nova
Desktop User Guide
Mobile User Guide
General FAQs