The opportunities and benefits of trading CME Micro E mini products

08 Sep 2021

Tune in to this webinar to learn from David Ng, full-time proprietary trader with IcebergX Sdn Bhd, as he discusses the opportunities and benefits of trading CME Group’s Micro E-mini S&P 500 (MES) and Micro E-mini DJIA (MYM) Futures.

Webinar Outline

  1. The importance of economic events and data in trading indices
  2. Will the US market continue to rally higher?
  3. Creating a simple trading plan using technical analysis to start trading indices future.
  4. Essential skills you need to be a trader

David Ng has done extensive research and is well versed in the commodity and index markets. He currently trades the Malaysia index, crude palm oil and other regional markets. He is well versed in the technical and fundamental aspects of trading. Previously, David was the Derivatives Specialist with a prominent futures broker. In that role, he provided regular comments on the market to local media like The Star, Business Times and The Edge.