What happens when a taper is announced?

07 Sep 2021

The Fed’s massive stimulus in response to the COVID-19 crisis has been wholly without precedent, driving asset prices through the roof, and stock markets to worryingly high valuations.

With Fed officials recently finally seeming to signal an impending taper however, are there any previous examples we can draw upon to better understand what assets are affected during such an event, and the magnitude of said effects?

Watch this webinar and let Mooris take you through a broad look at how taper expectations have traditionally affected various asset classes from currencies to equities, pointing out correlations and relationships you may not want to miss.

Mooris Tjioe – Mooris is an Investment Analyst at Phillip Futures, primarily focusing on equity analysis, commodities, and the relatively young field of cryptocurrency research. He regularly writes and speaks on a range of asset classes such as equities and cryptocurrencies, mainly through editorial contributions, commentaries, and special reports.

Mooris constantly strives to deliver a somewhat unique perspective on the market by merging his public policy and market research experience, and is always on the lookout for and making sense of new opportunities and risks to the market through his work.